Flavor, spice and heat are wonderful ways to celebrate life and relationships. We hope our hot sauce delights your tastebuds and warms your heart as you share your best moments with the people and food that you love.
Merline’s Caribbean Hot Sauce Variety Pack


We are true to our roots and only use clean ingredients and the best fresh organic Caribbean Scotch Bonnet and organic bell peppers. It’s all-natural! We leave out chemicals and harmful preservatives and never use gums, food coloring, or added sugar.

Merline with bottle


Authentic, delicious, and perfectly balanced, Merline’s Caribbean Hot Sauce is distinctly memorable. We artisanally craft our gourmet hot sauce in small batches. Our use of fresh ingredients and attention to detail allows us to create tantalizing flavors.


As passionate as we are about delighting you with deliciousness, Merline’s is about even more. Our model: 100% of profits to charity.


I grew up in the Caribbean country of Haiti, hearing heart-warming stories about my mother Rose's legendary cooking and hospitality.  She was loved by all who knew her, and she was passionate about preparing delicious food and flavorful hot sauces to share with friends and family.

My mother passed away before I was old enough to remember her. The great stories  inspired me to pick up a spoon and follow in her culinary footsteps. Visitors who stayed at our family guesthouse in Haiti encouraged me to share my food with the world. I’ve started with hot sauce. ; )

My family in Haiti has a legacy of supporting education to help people grow, thrive, and develop their potential to do good in the world. 

As co-founder of Haiti Partners and The Children’s Academy and Learning Center in Haiti, I play an active role in running the school and raising funds to support it. I en-courage people to realize their potential and leave the world better than we found it.

From start to finish, Merline’s Caribbean Hot Sauce is a labor of love - from our hearts to your table. We support local Caribbean farmers through direct purchases of their produce, and all profits go to Haiti Partners and other charities that are changing lives through education and entrepreneurship.
― Let’s celebrate and inspire goodness in all that we do.
Merline Engle, Founder & CEO


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