John and Merline, thank you SO much for the new hot sauce. It is my FAVORITE hot sauce in the world, and I eat it on EVERYTHING, EVERY DAY. I really love it and I go through it shockingly quickly, which my mom wasn't afraid to point out when I was home. It is the best, most useful, and tastiest gift.



We love your Hot Sauce! My friends are using it all the time. They love the pineapple and rhum and it’s almost all gone already. My favorite is the green. We put it on everything.


Community Boost

The packaging is perfect.  It really compliments all aspects of the brand.   Love the double box.  Love the blue band on the inner box and thank you letter.   Love the note from Merline on the hand made cards.  I’m not just saying this...... but you in fact knocked this one out of the park.   The packaging will allow for a higher price point and a higher perceived value.  Love the subtle tie into the charity and also the tie into the school. Patience paid off big time on the brand design.  Congratulations on a well built brand.  

Curt and Jess

Harbour House Crabs

The packages arrived today in perfect condition. Unboxing was a nice experience, I especially liked the soft touch finish on the blue band. Overall the packing is very nicely developed, and the hand made card makes it all very authentic. The bottles themselves are quite festive. I look forward to trying the contents!When I send out products for testing and feedback I’m sometimes disappointed that the response is more like cheerleading and not an honest assessment, so I really did try to keep a critical eye. I simply couldn’t find any fault, at least not at the time of this writing. I’ll keep thinking about it.  Really nice job.


I received this as a gift. This is one of the best hot sauces I have ever had. Good and spicy without being over the top. Amazing flavor. Incredibly versatile. Goes with a range of cuisines. Great sauce supporting a great cause. I have only had the original, but I will be going in for an order of the three-variety pack with a friend of mine.


I Gave my son in law a 3 pack last Christmas. He texted me last weekend a photo of the hot sauces with taco ingredients,stating: ” Whipping up breakfast tacos with my favorite hot sauce”.!” That says it right there!


Hands down the best hot sauce i ever had!! The sauce adds so much flavor that blends in perfectly and adds a little kick to them. I have been trying new hot sauces ever since ive finished the bottle and i still haven’t found anything that comes close to how amazing this sauce is!! Im going to be ordering more after this review!


Really tasty hot sauce. Unique flavors from what I typically eat which makes it so fun to try on new foods. I had the red sauce which had a good amount of heat while also maintaining great flavor. I will be trying the other flavors. Would make a great gift that supports an amazing cause!


Honestly I really enjoy this Hot sauce. I use it with literally everything. Right amount of heat and flavor, plus it really does not require all that much. I like to infuse my eggs in the morning for burritos(been doing keto). I have had a ton of hot sauce in my life, especially when I lived in Oregon. This is my favorite by a long shot. Highly recommend, do yourself a favor and just let your taste buds experience this deliciousness.


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